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Time Tracking

  • Fast and efficient entry of tasks, easy to insert recurring tasks or modify existing entries
  • Context based continuous overview of tasks tracked by other users
  • Quickly accessible history of user's own tracked tasks
  • Highlights incomplete entries which need to be finalized
  • Works seamlessly across computers and mobile devices
  • Optional use of predefined descriptions to make tracking quicker and entries more consistent across users
  • Possible to provide different predefined descriptions for different projects
  • Supports concurrent use of multiple languages
  • User configurable timesheet resolution - tracking in 1, 6, 12, 15 or 30 minute increments
  • Optional custom tracking instructions for specific clients and projects
  • Separate field for internal notes to ensure internal communication is not disclosed on reports by accident


  • Export timesheet entries to xlsx spreadsheets
  • Dynamic fields to enable bulk editing of entries (names, rates)
  • Tagging of timesheet entries by color and text to differentiate entries at different stages of billing or reporting
  • Possible to implement custom report formats based on client needs (requires custom development)
  • Possible to implement exporting data directly to third party programs via APIs (requires custom development)

Timesheet Monitoring

  • Side-by-side overview of multiple users' timesheets
  • Users divided into teams for quick access, up to 15 users per team, unlimited teams
  • Each user can create and modify their own teams, including the order in which users are displayed
  • Visual output for condensed view
  • Text based output for detailed view
  • Data only accessible to users with required permission
  • Possible to view past and future dates in addition to current date
  • Real time updates

In/Out Board

  • Status field describes a person's availability by a choice from a predefined list of options
  • ETA field describes likely time until a person returns
  • Description field provides additional information in text format
  • By default each user can update their own data, users can be given the right to update other users as well
  • Clients can themselves define the list of status choices
  • Works seamlessly across computers and mobile devices
  • In/out board can be used separately from all other features of Perifold under a separate subscription plan for a reduced price


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In/out board features available
per user per month
More than 50 users or custom requirements
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